1. Basic anatomy of pelvis, hips, SIJ and lumbar spine

2. Synergy systems

3. Anatomy slings

“Human movement is an amazing orchestra of muscle contractions that are all controlled by our central nervous system – why?  to create joint actions that will accomplish specific tasks”

It’s that simple right??

I love this analogy as it demonstrates perfectly just how intricately all the various parts of the systems have to work together to perform beautiful movement – or play that perfect song!!

Diane Lee describes this in quite a bit of detail in her book “The Pelvic Girdle”.

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You cannot have stability without mobility and you cannot have strength without flexibility.  Stability doesn’t mean strength nor does mobility mean flexibility.  Understanding how these systems connect and work together is key to understanding the rhythm of the pelvis, hips and lumbar spine.  We are not linear beings, we are multi dimensional and our structures should support this.

So as we go through reviewing the bones and joints, the ligaments, muscles and other support structures we are going to dive a little deeper in to how these systems actually work together. You should then feel confident to apply this understanding and be able to build a program that recognises and addresses the whole orchestra in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your clients. That is what being a teacher is all about, but you as the teacher need the tools to be able to see this!!!