1. Understanding Posture

2. Basic Muscle testing skills

3. Basic Range of Motion testing skills

4. Upper and lower body assessments for imbalance

Now that we know how the body's orchestra should play to perform that perfect song, we can explore how to see this in our clients.  Posture is quite a hot topic at the moment - does Kendall set the standard any more, or is there actually no ideal posture? Do our bodies just adapt as they should?

Well, I know for sure we're all perfectly imperfect and born a certain way, but we are all capable of adapting - so that is always a good place to start. We could all use a bit of tweaking, I'm sure. Often simply giving a person some awareness about how to carry their body does the trick and then encouraging them to move in all ranges - isn’t that the beauty of Pilates!

But not every client is that simple.

Although I don’t believe in getting caught up in what is weak and what is tight I do believe we need the skills to see where there are patterns of movement that are less than optimal and could in the long-term create overuse injuries and joint pathologies.

assessing and analysing image

To do this we are going to need some point of reference - so we are going to explore how to view the plumbline and how body positioning can affect joints and the surrounding structures.

We need to be able to have some idea of how a client moves to be able to help them improve on their movement strategies.  I am a firm believer that your client does not know what they don’t know!!  I have so many clients who swear that being taught how their joints should be supported and how they should move has made enormous differences to their outcomes.  I do not believe in allowing somebody to continue moving with poor strategies that only continue to strengthen these compensatory patterns.

So let's explore how we can find ways to easily identify less then optimal movement and then communicate this effectively with your clients whilst still remembering that we always want to give them a positive movement experience.