Lumbopelvic Hip Complex online workshop

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We are each unique, not only in our shape and bone structure, but also in the way we move and feel. A  great teaching cue may work well for one persons body type but be completely inappropriate for another body.

This Mentoring program will explore the principles behind my “Core” philosophy of programming and how to teach and apply exercises to the body in front of you.  We will explore and discuss each section of the Core model and how and when to apply these principles in a regular studio setting.

Focus of this will be looking at the relationship between our pelvis, lumbar spine and hip complex,  which are so crucial when it comes to efficient movement, posture and function.

Designed to take a deeper look at lumbo-pelvic rhythm and how it relates to Pilates movement, you will learn how to assess good or poor rhythm and be provided with teaching tools to help rebalance the body and increase awareness and function of the lumbopelvic/hip complex.

Be presented with the latest understanding, research and clinical insights for best practices and protocols for teaching healthy hip based movement in the Pilates studio.

This is the perfect opportunity to layer a deeper understanding of the hip joint and function into your teaching, whilst providing information along with practical application about the hip itself and how to work with various conditions that may present in the studio, offering teachings, modifications and variations that can be easily applied to your programming.