Take your Pilates training to the next level – learn from Lisa's expertise, experience, and ability to share her knowledge and how to apply this within the Pilates environment.

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As a highly qualified and experienced movement practitioner specialising in science-based applications for the hip joint and lumbo-pelvic regions, along with a passion for bone health, active ageing and overall healthy movement, Lisa presents a range of workshops that are sure to increase your confidence and knowledge as a movement teacher.Don't miss the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the pelvis, hip and lumbar spine region as they relate to movement and programming within the Pilates environment.  Lisa's hands on and fun approach makes it easy to transfer your knowledge immediately into practical application helping you program more confidently and facilitate positive change for your clients.


In collaboration with Reach Movement Health we present

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Instructor CEP sessions with
Sally Anderson and Lisa Jackson

BRISBANE - Sunday 5 June 2022, 9.30-3.30pm @ Boutique Pilates Method Windsor

Cost $220 - Be sure to use my unique code LJP2022AFFILIATE for 10% Off when booking! 


Join Lisa and Sally for a full day of learning, fun and community. Time to get together like we used to!

Schedule is:

  • 9.30-10.45am - COMBO MATWORK CLASS - Sally & Lisa join forces to give you the best of both their teaching in one class.
  • 11-12.30pm - Choose either: FOCUS ON LUMBOPELVIC RHYTHM with Lisa OR...REACH HYDRATION: MAT & REFORMER with Sally
  • 12.30-1.15pm - Lunch break
  • 1.15-3.15pm - Choose either: FOCUS ON HIP JOINT HEALTH & FUNCTION with Lisa ...OR REACH POSTUREPLUS with Sally
  • 3.15pm - 3.30pm - 15 mins Q&A's and wrap up.

Course structure:

  1. Do all sessions for a discount bundle price, or
  2. Choose single sessions across the day.
Workshop: LumboPelvic Rhythm with Lisa Jackson

Enjoy this this face-to-face exploration of the relationship between our pelvis, lumbar spine and hip complex, which are so crucial when it comes to efficient movement, posture and function. Designed to take a deeper look at lumbo-pelvic rhythm and how it relates to Pilates movement, you will learn how to assess good or poor rhythm and be provided with teaching tools to help rebalance the body and increase awareness and function of the lumbopelvic/hip complex.

Working with the latest science-based understanding of human movement, Lisa provides an enormous volume of practical information and applications using common Pilates repertoire and programming strategies, as well as pre-Pilates and foundation exercises to assess, rebalance and re-pattern muscle recruitment strategies, and offers a clear, concise understanding to take straight into your teaching.

WORKSHOP:Hip Health with Lisa Jackson

Enjoy this face-to-face workshop based in latest understanding, research and clinical insights of best practices and protocols for hip health using movement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to layer deeper understanding of the hip joint and function into your teaching with one of the clearest, most concise and engaging presenters around, with enormous knowledge and practical advice for working with all types of hip joint issues from impingements to hip replacements, bursitis and everything in between.

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In collaboration with Buff Bones we present


BUFF BONES® Face to Face Training Weekend

The Buff Bones® face to face Instructor Training course merges our professionally-produced online course with a weekend of live interaction and additional learning. This format allows you to prepare and complete your online learning prior to the course weekend allowing more time for practical teaching, problem solving and programming applications.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to ask questions and interact directly with Lisa
  • Community and networking with other instructors
  • Supportive, nurturing learning environment
  • Feedback and critique to improve your teaching skills and identify/address your own movement habits

Course structure:

  1. Learn at your own pace for three weeks with access to our professionally produced online training course
  2. Then, interact in our live weekend course to delve deeper, ask questions to  practice teach with your fellow instructors and test out.

PAA PDPs = 15 points

learn from one of queenslands
leading pilates instructors

Lisa is recognised by Pilates Alliance Australasia as a Principal Trainer and a Continuing Education Teacher and Mentor.

Lisa is passionate about helping movement teachers to build a profound understanding of Pilates-based movement and biomechanics. She nurtures practical skills in her students that bring that understanding and insight to their clients' movement in the studio.

She encourages learning and growth by asking questions and searching for answers.