The Hip Movement 101



If you have reached mid-life and are struggling with hip issues due to the many hormonal changes experienced through peri and post menopause, or you are just feeling tight with reduced strength and mobility, know that you are not alone and many women struggle on the wheel of constant treatment, exercise that does not provide long term relief or are unable to access support due to cost or location.

The Hip Movement 101 has been developed to help women in midlife build strong foundations, provide knowledge and exercise that will improve the health of your hips, reduce pain and discomfort and provide a platform to build long lasting results.

Our method focuses on building body awareness with knowledge about how and what can affect how your hips work and will provide you with exercise coaching, optimal cueing and classes that are aimed at progressively improving function, mobility and strength.

The answer may lie in not what you have been doing, but how you have been doing it!

I invite you to join The HipMovement and discover an approach that provides you with the tools to move forward and stand strong for years to come!


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